timDo you want to drive a school bus?
We are always looking for quality drivers who want to be a member of our transportation team.  Here's how!

Other Information:

How to Get Your CDL License:
  1. Go to the Revenue Office to pick-up the Class B CDL Packet to receive certification for Class B CDL, with the Air Brake certification, the passenger endorsement, and the School Bus Endorsement.
  2. Study sections 2, 4,5,10 in the CDL Manual, and the 'S' Endorsement study handout given to you with the book.
  3. Go to the Driver's Testing Center to take your written test.
  4. After the written test are taken and all passed, then contact Tim again and schedule time for Training and Testing of the following:
    • Pre-trip Inspection
    • Basic Skills Course
    • Road (Driving) Test
  5. Go back to Revenue Office to get your Driver's License changed. Then return to the Transportation Office for more information with the Receipts from the Revenue Office.

What happens after you receive a license?

According to Law, the Transportation Office will need the following items for your file:
A. Copy of your new updated Driver's License
B. Copy of your Social Security Card
C. Application on file (for newly hired employees only)
D. Copy of Physical Exam done every other year (ALL EMPLOYEES)
E. Copy of TB Skin Test (newly hired employees only)

Things you will need to do:
A. Physical Exam (P/U Form at Transportation Office)
B. TB Skin Test
C. Fingerprints (taken by school employee at school facility)
D. Drug Test (scheduled through Transportation Dept.)

We do a Criminal Background Check on all newly hired employees.
By Law, we check ALL CDL LICENSE Holders driving record twice a year.

NOTE: Any Driver's record may be checked at any time at the Transportation Supervisor’s request, or if any suspicion of violation exists that has not been reported to the Supervisor.