Partners In Education
Launched in the spring of 2008, Springdale Partners In Education (PIE) pairs area businesses with local schools to provide resources not otherwise available. These resources include products, funding, talent and time.

For example, in working with a school, a partner may sponsor extracurricular activities, provide guest speakers related to curriculum areas, initiate teacher recognition programs, provide corporate release time for employees to tutor or mentor students during the school day, sponsor educational field trips, read to students and listen to students read, help beautify the campus or choose from a wide variety of other ideas.

The school also may provide services for the business, including choral and/or band entertainment for company events, writing a column for the business newsletter, sharing school and student successes and sending birthday cards to company employees among various other possibilities.

PIE is designed to foster partnerships between businesses and schools through one outlet rather than numerous contacts between schools and local companies.

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Partnerships in Progress
New Website Launch
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Speakers Bureau
Do you have an interest to present your knowledge on a given subject to the students of Springdale?  Do you know someone who would?

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Looking For a Partner...
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Whether your a business looking for a school or a school looking for a business, we want to know....

2nd Annual PIE KICK OFF
We had a tremendous Kick Off event on August 5th. The testimonials by the principals and their partners were tremendous! We had new partners for the district and several new ideas...see the article on the homepage for more information!                                     

Be sure to join us next year, you don't want to miss it!!!