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The school cafeteria lunch menu is maintained by:
Mrs. Carol Godfrey
Child Nutrition Supervisor

If you want to add payments to your child's lunch account, click on the blue ParentOnline box above.
You will need your child's student ID.

Please Note: 
Students who were enrolled at Springdale Schools last year will retain last year's free or reduced meals status until October 2 or until they have a new application processed.  This "grace period" status gives parents an opportunity to get a new free/reduced application processed and will end on October 2, 2012.  Your new status will apply with a 10-day notification if you are going from a higher (free) to a lower-paying (reduced or paid) status.

School Lunch Pricing


Breakfast $1.20 ($1.80 visitor)
Lunch $2.10 ($3.20 visitor)
Extra milk $0.50


Breakfast $1.20 ($1.80 visitor)
Lunch $2.20 ($3.20 visitor)
Meal Deal Line $2.55 ($3.50 visitor)

*Each school has a list of a la carte items.
Please contact your school for a list of these items and their pricing.

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Dear Springdale School District Families:

This fall, Springdale school cafeterias are meeting tough new federal nutrition standards for school meals, ensuring that meals are healthy and well-balanced and provide students all the nutrition they need to succeed at school.  Now is a great time to encourage your kids to choose school lunch!

School meals offer students milk, fruits and vegetables, proteins and grains, and they must meet strict limits on saturated fat and portion size.  Starting in School Year 2012-2013, school lunches will meet additional standards requiring:
  • Age-appropriate calorie limits
  • Larger servings of vegetables and fruits (students must take at least one serving of produce)
  • A wider variety of vegetables, including dark green and red/orange vegetables and legumes
  • Fat-free or 1% milk (flavored milk must be fat-free)
  • More whole grains
  • And less sodium
We're always working to offer Springdale Schools students healthier and tastier choices.  We are featuring more reduced sodium and reduced saturated fat items this year as well as more whole grain items.  School meals are a great value and a huge convenience for busy families too!

We look forward to welcoming your children to the cafeteria this fall.  To find out more about Springdale Schools healthy school meals visit our lunch page on our school website.  To get additional facts about school meals visit

Free and Reduced Meal Program:
Springdale Public Schools participates in the government program for free and reduced meals.  We send home with every student at the beginning of the year an application for parents to fill out if they feel they qualify for this program.  The form is a family application so only one needs to be filled out for the entire family.  You must apply or reapply every year for this program.  If you are approved for the program your child will be able to eat breakfast and lunch at school for free of for a reduced price, depending on your income.

Meal Charges:

Meal charge guidelines for Springdale Schools are as follows:
  • Junior and senior high school students will not be allowed to charge meals.
  • Staff and other adults will not be allowed to charge meals.
  • Middle School students may charge one lunch only. 
  • Elementary School students may charge up to five (5) lunches.  After five charges, a student will be served a complimentary sandwich/milk snack and parents are expected to bring the student's account up-to-date.
Charging meals is a courtesy extended to the student and should not occur on a regular basis.  When a student is allowed to charge a meal, the cafeteria will notify the parents by telephone and/or letter to make arrangements to pay any charges.  Parents are responsible for all meal charges.  Any student denied meal service due to excessive charges is encouraged to apply for free or reduced-price meals.

Parents are responsible for the full lunch price of student's meals until the free or reduced-priced meal application is approved and starting date begins.